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Ostrich (Strutio Camelus) is native to Africa. OstriTec offers ostrich skin averaging 15sqft. Approximately 2/3 of these skins are full quill and 1/3 are partial or no quill. We stock ostrich leather in our USA warehouse, available for immediate delivery. OstriTec delivers ostrich leather to the Belt, Garment, Handbag and Western Industries. Please contact us for for any question you might have. 

General Information

  • Scientific name is struthio camelus
  • Ostrich is farm-raised for the meat. The skin is a byproduct.
  • CITES status is non-appendix

Size and Grade Description

  • Approximately 15 sft total.
  • There is about 9 sqft of total full quill area
  • 9 sft of partial and no-quill area
  • The Center Full Quill Area is about 24" x 24" 

The Approximate Thickness Of These Ostrich Skins Are:

  • About 0.6/0.8 mm in the thinner, partial quill and no quill areas
  • About 1.0/1.2 mm in the meatier full quill areas

OstriTec Offers Various Grades Of Ostrich Skin As Available:

  • Grade 1: There is no defects in the center full quill area, ideal for large handbags and luggage
  • Grade 2: Only one defect or small cluster of defects affecting one quadrant of the full quill area, ideal for anything other than large handbags and luggage
  • Grade 3: The are one defect or small cluster of defects affecting two quadrants of the full quill area, ideal for footwear, belts and small leather good.
  • Grade 4: There are one defect or small cluster of defects affecting three quadrants of the full quill area, ideal for belts and small leather goods.
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  • 4
    High quality hides

    Posted by David Dunn on Sep 2nd 2021

    I'll base my review on the fact that I have only bought a single hide, so keep that in mind. The hide arrived in a small box, well packaged. The hide is absolutely beautiful. I've never worked with ostrich before, so this was a first to me. I ordered form Ostritec because they have very competitive pricing. I love the cognac color. I would say it skews more to the red/orange color spectrum. The pearls are nicely burnished and shiny and I would say the rest of the skin has a bit of a satin shine to it. It is quite thin...around 1.0mm. Once you remove the fleshy back side of the hide, you will be left with about 0.6mm thin skin. Even though it is very thin, ostrich is extremely tough. Luxurious but tough.

  • 5
    Quality of skins are great

    Posted by Jim Scott on Jan 6th 2021

    Received my ostrich leather hides yesterday. Very happy with quality (grading and feel). Will definitely be a customer again in future.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Peter Jenkins on Nov 9th 2020

    Our ostrich leather was delivered fast and we are very happy with the product.

  • 5
    Black Ostrich Skin

    Posted by Todd Martin on Sep 3rd 2019

    Good communication, fast delivery and great product at an awesome price. Will buy again.

  • 5
    Great quality leather

    Posted by Tom Schultz on Jul 31st 2019

    Thanks for the good communication and quality ostrich leather. I am sure our clients will be more than happy with the boots we are making them! Will be in touch again soon!

  • 5
    Ostrich Leather Skins

    Posted by Abby on Jul 19th 2019

    I am very impressed with the service I have received.