About Us

We have operations in South Africa and the USA. OstriTec was formed in 1995 in South Africa and later formed a LLC Corporation in the USA. 

South Africa

  • Farming
  • Tanning
  • Meat Packing
  • Export and Distribution of Leather


  • Recently started a Farming Operation in the USA
  • Importer and Distributor of Ostrich Leather

History of Ostrich Leather

One of the most popular and recognized exotic skins is Ostrich leather. Originating in South Africa in the 1850s, it was discovered as a unique byproduct from the Ostriches farmed for their feathers & meat. Ostrich leather is characterized by its raised points in the hide that create little bumps, which are centered in the middle of the skin. This area is called the ‘Crown’ and is where the animal’s neck meets its body and is about one third of the entire skin. Ostrich leather is relatively rare, making it desirable and thus expensive. It’s generally used for luxury leather items, such as the iconic Hermés Birkin handbag.

There are many cheaper imitations of Ostrich leather available and used by the high street on low end fashion items such as handbags. Called ‘Ostrich Print Leather’ manufacturers create a similar bumpy texture by embossing the indentations into the leather (or PU), by using a heavy rolling plate during the tanning process. Ostrich Print differs from Ostrich Leather, because the man-made quill bumps are uniform. Therefore they’re not unique like the bumps on actual Ostrich Leather, so this helps to distinguish between the real deal and imitations.

Benefits of Ostrich Leather

Ostrich Leather is coveted for its unique look and texture, but it does have benefits which are more than just aesthetically based. It’s known for being for tough, pliable, durable and yet supple. Ostrich leather contains natural oils, which means it resists cracking and stiffness.